You should see a doctor when:

  • You notice that your skin or the whites of your eyes are turning yellow, or your urine is turning brown or orange. (To see the yellow color, you must look at yourself in natural, not artificial, light.)      Or…
  • You are more tired than can be explained by your usual level of activity.      Or…
  • You have been exposed to someone with hepatitis, and you think you are experiencing jaundice or fatigue.

Obviously distressing, this change of color is you body’s way of alerting you to a couple of potential problems, and you should seek medical attention right away. Normally, your body sends bile through your bile duct to your liver for digestion of fats. When there is a blockage of your bile duct, the bile may be forced into your bloodstream, which in turn will cause your skin and eyes to turn yellow.

Another cause of jaundice is liver infections namely hepatitis. With these infections, fatigue is often an accompanying symptom that you should note and discuss with your physician. Yet another common cause is medication, and you should always check with your physician or pharmacist if you become jaundiced or fatigued after starting a new medication.

Although turning yellow isn’t immediately life-threatening, it is a sign that something is wrong, and in all cases, you should seek medical attention.

Source: Dr. Dan Talks to You About Digestive Health