Sarcoid Networking Association

Mission Statement:

Founded in 1992, the Sarcoid Networking Association brings together support, education and resources to improve the lives of those affected by sarcoidosis.



We, the members of the Sarcoid Networking Association unite to …

  • create and foster an environment of empathy, enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment in which we can all come to a fuller expression of our own unique gifts and talents in spite of having a long term illness;
  • use our gifts and positive capabilities to encourage each other to fully live each day in a compassionate and fruitful atmosphere;
  • serve as a network system of support and resources through newsletter, telephone, correspondence and group meetings for all individuals who demonstrate an interest in sarcoidosis, opening the doors of communication, education and research;
  • disseminate information to the general public to help them recognize and understand sarcoidosis as a serious medical problem;
  • provide health officials and the medical community with statistical information obtained from group participation, so they will be able to recognize sarcoidosis as a serious health concern, especially data about people who are afflicted with sarcoidosis, people who become disabled with sarcoidosis, and the young and old who die from sarcoidosis.

We, the members of the Sarcoid Networking Association, look beyond the sufferings and struggles in the life of Sarcoidians to finding a cure for this disease, knowing that together we can all make a difference through communication, commitment and education.

The SARCOID NETWORKING ASSOCIATION was founded in 1992 to educate individuals, provide information and heighten public awareness about sarcoidosis.

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