Sarcoidosis Networking Newsletter
January – February 2003

Following is a selection of articles from the current issue:

bullet Sarcoidosis: Not Just a Lung Disease

bullet Intestinal Gas

bullet Jaundice

bullet Good News vs Bad News

bullet That Smell!

Other articles in the Newsletter:

bullet Rest Your Joints

bullet Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery

bullet Humor & Health: Staying Healthy with Humor

bullet High Blood Pressure: You can live well with it!

bullet What You Can Do About Hearing Loss

bullet Around the Country

  • Calendar

bullet Healthwise Patient

  • When to See Your Doctor About a Cough
  • How to Communicate With Your Doctor
  • Routine Care of Your Mouth

bullet Legislation

  • Orphan Drug Act

bullet Medicine Chest

  • Furosemide

bullet Social Security

  • Waiting Period

bullet Visit with Dee

Disclaimer . . .

SNA does not endorse any of the medications, treatments, or products reported in this newsletter. This information is intended only to keep you informed.  We strongly advise that you check any drugs or treatments mentioned with your physician or pharmacists.